“We make journey of students comfortable and safe by providing excellent travel assistance.”

Are you among the one willing to study MBBS in Russia, but have had no time to learn Russian? You don’t need to learn even…!! We have partnered with the Russian Medical Universities, which offer as a whole MBBS course in the English language. Yash Overseas is a prominent name among students to study MBBS in Russia for its 100% Guaranteed result along with transparency throughout the admission process. The entire team of Yash Overseas works hard with the strong determination of delivering the finest service and support to the students coming with the aspirant to study MBBS in Russia. Our self assurance towards admission and education is an outcome of our stretched experience in the allied domain along with a scrupulous exploration of each university that we partnered with in terms of its accreditation, popularity, education, facilities, fees, and professors.

All the associated Russian medical universities are globally recognized and listed by international bodies, which incorporate World Health Organization, European Union, The International Medical Education Directory, ECFMG, USA, General Medical Council, UK and Medical and Dental Council of India.

Reasons To Approach Consultant To Study MBBS In Russia

  • Selection of the right university to study MBBS in Russia can only be done by a consultant, as students can have a brief idea about some of the universities from sources of information, but a foreign education consultant can give you detailed information about globally accredited universities according to your profile to study MBBS in Russia.
  • Getting enrolled in the Russian university to study MBBS demands bunch of documents and go through several processes which are bothersome. Taking a help from professionals turns the cumbersome process into a smooth process.
  • Students are not able to get the details of the whole expense except fees, whereas the stretched experience of the consultant enables them to share financial estimation to study MBBS in Russia, including fees, living, traveling, food and all other essential expenses.

University Admission Assistance to study


“90% of students are coming by reference of previous students.”

Getting enrolled in medical university to study MBBS in Russia is a long procedure compare to the local university and is thorny to attain without the guidance of experts. We have a team of experts working with Russia since 25+ years who will guide you throughout the complete application process that incorporates below-mentioned steps, and gives 100% assurance of getting enrolled in the top medical university to MBBS in Russia.

Profiling of student to study


Profiling is the process of examining the available data of each student and collecting information about the student and its requirements like academic qualifications, career goals, potential, and budget constraints. We have an experienced and trained staff of counselor having expertise in profiling student data as well as profound knowledge of states and universities, we represent, who stands beside you helping select the most convenient state and university to study MBBS in Russia.

University Selection to study MBBS in Russia

“We help the student by making a smart selection of the University to study MBBS in Russia”

Thousands of universities are claiming to have global accreditation for medical education that only leads students towards puzzlement on, which would be the best for them and which is accredited by the international bodies like the World Health Organization, European Union, The International Medical Education Directory, ECFMG, USA, General Medical Council, UK and Medical and Dental Council of India. We as a foreign education consultant affiliated with several top-seeded along with accredited medical universities, following thorough research on each. Our aim is to give right direction to students coming to us with a dream to study MBBS in Russia, by helping them selecting right universality in their preferred state by matching their ability and budget.

Document Editing to study MBBS in Russia

Our 100% visa success ratio is an outcome of our defined attentiveness towards documents to ensure student visa gets approved and avert the possibilities of visa rejection due to unordered documents. Moreover, delaying in the submission of the document perhaps leads to cancellation of admission to study MBBS in Russia. We are well known for providing every single processing on time, thus averting the possibilities of cancelation. The expertise of our professionals helps us to improve the content, grammar, and structure of documents to be submitted within the set time frame. Moreover, we ensure that the profile presented to the selected university or college is professional and projects all that they need to know about the student willingly waiting to study MBBS in Russia.

MBBS Fees in Russia

Russian Federation has a long reputation of combining excellent instruction with moderate and dependable training. Studying MBBS in Russia picking up acceptance among worldwide students, in light of the fact that the Russian Federation has some of the best medicinal Universities in World. Educational cost charge for MBBS in Russia is extremely ostensible and moderate when contrasted with different countries since it is sponsored by the Russian government. Any student from India can take immediate MBBS Admission in top Medical Universities of Russia. All Russia Medical Universities are perceived from WHO and MCI.

Application Review and Submission to study MBBS in RUSSIA

To ascertain no single stone remains unturned, our team of experts reviews the entire application and documents, appended together before submitting to the selected university. During the reviewing procedure, we conduct meeting with the student to ensure that all details provided by his/her are truthful and to confirm student coming to us to study MBBS in Russia is satisfied with the final application that has to be submitted. On the confirmation from the student side and our experts, we as a foreign education consultant submit to the respective Russian medical university.

  • Guidelines to fill the University Application
  • Details of documents to be sent along with application
  • Preparation of documents like:
    1. SOP (Statement of Purpose)
    2. RECO (Recommendation Letter)
    3. Resumes
  • Online or postal sending of your application.
  • Tracking delivery of your application to University/college.

SOP Assistance to study MBBS in RUSSIA

SOP (Statement of Purpose) is one of the most influential segments of your college application process, as to which university decides whether to accept your application for a college or not. The SOP should be your voice that tells the admission committee of your education, career goals, future plans, and objectives. This SOP is often used to assess the capabilities of a prospective student in terms of critical thinking, analytical abilities, aims, interest. and objectives that why it should be flawless, ideologically clear, short and crisp to confirm your acceptance to study MBBS in Russia.

Students aspire to study MBBS in Russia often struggle between essay and SOP as they do not have a clear idea about any of. We as a foreign education consultant help students aspiring to study MBBS in Russia creating effective SOP by leveraging our experience and knowledge and ensure 100% acceptance of their application in the selected university. This SOP is also reckoned as “Letter of Intent”, “Statement of Intent”, “Statement of Interest”, “Goals Statement”, “Personal Statement”, “Personal Narrative” or “Application Essay” in many universities, so doesn’t get confused with the name.

Visa Inteview Preparation to study MBBS in Russia

“Interview Preparation is the final step towards University admissions.”

Once the application is submitted and reviewed by the admissions committee, the next step is to be prepared for interview that perhaps conducted by the selected university. We as a foreign education consultant understand the agony of students and to devoid of it, our experienced interview trainer helps you prepare for interviews by conducting mock interview sessions and sharing feedback on the same to get better with their interviewing skills, thus boosting confidence of the individual to crack interview and ensure visa to study MBBS in Russia.

Visa Counselling to study MBBS in Russin</h2

“We deal with personalized attention to all visa files until the visas are issued.”

All international students are required to procure a student permit and visa on receiving an acceptance letter before going to study MBBS in Russia. Apparently, requires advice associated with the collation of the relevant documentation that you require to submit with the visa application to ensure 100% visa approval. Additionally, you need to be prepared for a visa interview that you may have with the high commission or Embassy of the respective country to get visa to study MBBS in Russia. We as a foreign education consultant has formed a team of trained consultant who are expert in the forte of visa counseling, available 24/7 to provide you a significant checklist, help you fulfill all the required visa conditions and requirement as well as carefully review the documents and application form before submitting them by leveraging their knowledge and experience and ensure guaranteed visa to study MBBS in Russia.

Visa Process:

  1. Visa Application Form
  2. Student Questionnaire
  3. Statement of Purpose
  4. Study Plan
  5. Official letter of acceptance from a Foreign University, College or Technical Institute.
  6. Advanced fee pay slip
  7. Financial documents (Bank statements, IT returns etc).

Medical Examination:

The High Commission will issue medical instructions. Students and accompanying dependants must get ahead of a medical examination. If the student and associated dependants are found to be in good health and there are no other concerns with the application, the Visa and Student Authorization will be issued.

Free Counseling To Study MBBS IN RUSSIA

“Helping choose the Best path to study MBBS”

Selecting a state, university/college to study MBBS in Russia is the second most daunting task after deciding a career path, as it is equally decisive for the future growth. If you are confused with the same, we will guide you through the maze of questions to find best suited university and state, to study MBBS in Russia at “FREE OF COST”.

Career Prospect to study MBBS in Russia

“We visualize the pathway to your future education”

There are different classes of students who are going to study MBBS in Russia, some are passionate with the dream to study MBBS in Russia at any cost, but the other class is of students pressurized from their parents and friends, resulted in the dilemma of, is it a right career path for them or not. Thereby giving a career visualization help students to make them very clear with their decision to study in No 1 medical university in Russia, and built their confidence towards the career that they have chosen. We are here to help individuals know their strengths and weakness, their abilities in the selected field as well as how gleaming is a career after completing MBBS in Russia, thus pull out students from the trench of confusion. We give very clear and genuine information associated with the career opportunities that help gain confidence to students while making a decision on career course.

Finace Assistance to study MBBS in Russia

The number of students going to study MBBS in Russia has increased exponentially in the past two decades, resulted in a considerable rise in the number of students moving towards an education loan to get the quality education abroad. Today, there are too many lenders in India offering loans to students based on the basis of the quality of the institution, relevance of the course to career options, credit worthiness of the guarantor or co-applicant. As we said, our consultancy helps every student willing to study MBBS in Russia regardless of the country, religious, gender, caste, creed or economic status, we have a list of nationalized banks that offer loans at the reasonable rates as well as have collaboration with several banks and financial institute that ensure easy and speedy process. Additionally, we have a special unit of professional, assists you with the entire procedure, starting from the application with required documentation, eligibility criteria and selection of banks.

List of inclusion on availing student loan to study MBBS in Russia:

  • Tuition fees
  • Charges for examination, library, laboratory and hostel
  • Cost of purchasing books, equipment, instruments and uniform
  • Travel expenses for study abroad
  • Caution money, refundable deposit, etc.
  • Study tours, exchange programs and project work
  • Documents Required

Document required for loan to study MBBS in Russia

  • Mark sheet for last qualifying examination for school and graduate studies in India.
  • Proof of admission to the course.
  • Schedule of expenses for the course.
  • Copy of letter confirming scholarship, if any.
  • Copy of Foreign Exchange permit ( if available).
  • Two passport size photographs.
  • Statement of borrowers bank account for last six months.
  • Income Tax assessment order not older than two years.
  • Brief statement of Borrowers Assets and Liabilities.
  • If not a customer of the lending bank provide proof of identity and residence.

Scholarship Guidance to study MBBS in Russia

“We help you make your education an affordable and enable you to access MBBS in the best Russian university.”

Russian universities, corporation and governments are aware of the threshold in the population, thereby instigate scholarships and other means of financial aid that help deserving one to access high quality education. The selection of the student is hinge on academic records, performance on standardized exams and extracurricular achievements. Applying for the scholarship in the foreign universities has different requirement from locals, can be successfully attained under guidance of the professionals. We are backed with the team of professionals possess thorough information associated with updating scholarships, merit based scholarships, need based, student specific, career specific and college specific as and when they become available as well as which is preferred based on your given record. Moreover, aids in the entire procedure of the scholarship to students willing to study MBBS in Russia, including form filling, document preparation, checking and submitting.

Travel Assistance to study MBBS in Russia

We make journey of students comfortable and safe by providing excellent travel assistance.

It is fair that parents get worried for their child going abroad to study MBBS in Russia, as they are going alone for years far away from them. The anxiety would be absolutely at the top, we understand the anxiety, thus provide absolute travel assistance to students going to study MBBS in Russia inclusive of selecting an ideal departure date, selecting right rout at a possible discounted rate, identifying the best airlines for heavy baggage offers, and book flight tickets, airport pickup, etc. Even more, we keep update about number of international airlines exclusive discounts for students, thus help book ticket at best possible rates. Other than, we have associations with taxi service providers to ensure smooth travel from airport place to the university campus, and provide local maps that students can study to get familiar to local areas and roads as well as handbook of emergency contacts.

Passport Assistance to study MBBS in Russia

A Passport is one of the essential documents that permits you to cross the country lines and reach at Russia to study MBBS. If you do not possess one, apply today for the passport, which require submitting necessary information and documents that you may find quite annoying. We are here to make your passport process simple, fast and personal from beginning to end. Our team of experts will take care all of your passport related matter and ascertain prompt and précised service at the competitive rates.

New Passport Requirements

Fresh Form filled and signed

  • Four color photos with white background passport size
  • Copy birth certificate duly self attested
  • Copy of two residence proofs duly self attested are required like: Telephone bill, Electricity Bill, Voter Id card, UID card.
  • Rent Agreement/Lease-deed
  • Driving License
  • Gas Connection Proof
  • Passbook of any nationalized bank.

Pre Departure Briefing to study MBBS in Russia

“We make students self-sufficient in the new part of the world.”

In prior to departure, students going to study MBBS in Russia face assaults of thoughts as they are going to be in a completely unknown country, giving a brief on the country, culture, customs can definitely intended for helping them to get familiar with the context of respective country. We as a foreign education consultant understand agonize of the individual and to turn it into self confidence, appropriate inputs are provided to them by conducting pre departure seminars where our team of adept counselor and alumni give insight into various aspects of the country as well as student’s life at there. Further, we invite students who already have completed their MBBS in Russia or conduct video call to the current students studying MBBS in Russia, so as all students can share knowledge and experience. Other than, this seminar is open for parents too, so as all can get together and make friends before they fly Russia to study MBBS.

Our Value Added Services For Studene Aspire To Study

Accommodation to study MBBS in RUSSIA

Finding an accommodation in the completely unknown country leads towards fretting, and to keep fret at bay we help our students to get an accommodation that meets their budget and proximity to the college. We have tie ups with student hotels as well as some agents providing excellent housing facilities and service to look out students’ requirement. There is a range of various options like college/ universities, private hostels, PG accommodation, shared accommodation that we provide within the outlined budget and ensure absolute comfort to students to study MBBS in Russia.

Medical Insurance to study MBBS in RUSSIA

Medical insurance is indispensable for students going to study MBBS in Russia that can’t accomplish without the guidance of professionals, as the regulations of the travel and medical differs country to country. All the students going to study MBBS in Russia are recommended to subscribe for insurance services prior to departure by taking help of professionals. We are linked with the registered insurance agents who have set strong niche in the insurance market who do all the detailed work for you with efficiency.

Travel Insurance to study MBBS in RUSSIA

Travelling abroad to study MBBS in Russia or any other country demands safety assurance to formulate your trip a protected and secure. Especially for Students living alone and frequently travels home country to meet the family. There might be rise an unpredictable situation, wherein your airport closing down and on the other side your luggage is on the way to the destination. Such a mere problem can interrupt your study, better to capitalize travel insurance that ensures absolute safety of you and your luggage throughout study MBBS in Russia. We are linked with topmost travel insurance agents that offer you the utmost security against all eventualities and the finest value for money. Our travel policy embodies:

  • Covers expenses of hospitalization, loss of baggage, accident to sponsor, family visit and other incidental expenses
  • Covers you against loss of passport
  • Covers you for emergency dental pain relief
  • Quick disbursement of claims
  • Global expertise matched with local knowledge
  • Innovative packages to match individual needs
  • Insurance Policy with international toll-free numbers

Forex Assistance to study MBBS in RUSSIA

We ensure students get competitive exchange rates and prompt service.

By owing the foreign exchange requirement of students going to study MBBS in Russia, we have created a wide network base that offers the most competitive exchange rates. Our team is committed in providing you with superior quality Forex Assistance with promptness. Our Forex assistance services incorporate Cash to Master, Foreign Currency Cash, Cobranded Prepaid Forex Cards and Foreign Currency Travelers Cheque. To get detailed information associated with our tie-ups with reputed Forex agencies you can contact our professional anytime.

We provide assistance in the services like preparing:

  • Demand Drafts
  • International Debit Cards
  • Travelling Cheque
  • Wire Transfers and
  • Exchange of currency just before actual travel.

Telecom Services to study MBBS in RUSSIA

Lots of problems getting solved and network is developed on the foundation of communication, and is why the cardinal part of person’s life, from one end of the globe to another. Likewise, students who are getting enrolled in the Russia to study MBBS need the medium of communication. By owing the need, we offer solutions to our students that are within their budget and efficient both for arrival and post arrival. Our associates provide SIM cards to all students studying MBBS in Russia, featuring with instant connection so as you can activate it just by inserting in mobile and communicate with family and friends without extra efforts.


IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE, Get admission in to Russian medical university that offers entire MBBS course in the English Language WITHOUT ENTRANCE EXAM & DONATION.To get a complete guidance from our expert counselors to study MBBS in Russia,

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