Study MBBS in Russia, MBBS Fees in Russia for Indian Students

Here is an FAQ zone for the students struggling with a bunch of question associated with Mbbs admission abroad, Study abroad for Mbbs have a look.

The academic year in all Russian medical university starts from 1st September.

 The universities that we represent do not require any entrance exam.

Study MBBS in Russian medical university is a 6 years course who selects English as the medium of instruction, whereas 7 years for the students select Russian as the medium of instruction, as the 1 year time required for training of Russian Language.

As the universities that we represent provide an MBBS course in English medium, learning Russian is optional.

Yes, the Russian medical universities that we represent have been accredited by WHO and UNESCO, as well as valid in all major countries of the world. Therefore, you can practice in any of preferred country with the degree rewarded by Russian medical university that we represent. There are many counties that let you practice without any screening test, but there are some countries where screening test is mandatory to practice there like India and USA.

The living monthly expense in Russia ranges between 5000 Rs and 6000 Rs.

Yes, the students can capitalize paying fees in installments, either semi annually or annually.

 Yes, it is possible to transfer between university to university in the midst of MBBS in Russia, but you need to appear in the exam that university might take to test the proficiency of students, after applying for the transfer. On the successful completion of the test, the student can transfer.

 Yes, without student visa you cannot pursue MBBS in Russia. You need to apply for the visa, along with the admission form to the respective university. We as a foreign education consultant help in the entire process of admission and visa and ensure smooth and hassle-free experience throughout the process.

 Yes, the universities that we represent provide all the necessary documents to get an education loan from private and nationalized banks. Moreover, we as a foreign education consultant assist you in the entire loan process to make it speedy and sanctioned.

Students can access any of the modes of payment between cash and demand draft. Students apply for an education loan get the demand draft in the name of the respective university to pay. On the other side, student can also pay in cash.

Yes, you can do an internship from India after completing the course from Russian medical university, once you clear the MCI screening examination conducted by MCI (Medical Council of India).

There is no any limitation to appear in MCI screening test, MCI conducts MCI screening test twice in the year. The universities that we represent prepare students for the MCI test and ensure successful completion in the first attempt only.

As we are the representative of the universities recognized by MCI and WHO, a student who has passed out from the one are eligible to get a job in a government hospital or private hospital after completing his/her degree from Russia and clearing the MCI screening test.

Students are recommended to take an international card, forex card or hard cash in USD. We as a foreign education consultant help students in opening a bank account in a local bank of the respective city and money exchange too.

 All the university buildings, including hostels, classroom, and hospitals are centrally heated. This heating system is controlled by the local municipal department of the respective city. Additionally, provide hot water 24*7.

Yes, Medical Universities offers job placement in Russia and other Western Countries. So You can apply for the work permit.

 Yes, they are valued and recognized globally.

Yes, you can travel to other countries like Finland, Sweden, UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, Poland, etc. during summer and winter vacations.

 In general Russian Universities, the specific faculty student ratio of 1:10 is trained providing students a more helpful and personal learning atmosphere.

Yes, the medical treatment is available free of cost in Russia and the university also covers the medical insurance for the students.

 Students get vacation within the month of July & August. In summer vacations they need to finish hospital coaching that is the part of educational course of study. Some universities permit students to finish hospital coaching in their native countries. Thus students will back home in beginning of the vacations. In alternative universities students complete hospital coaching in University hospitals thus students will solely come to native country on finishing the coaching. Apart from vacations students will come back home in case of emergency conditions with previous permission from university authorizes.

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