Low Cost Education

The Russian government has subsidized education where a student pays about Rs 2.5 -5 Lakhs annually for fees and accommodation. Enough number of seats for all students and a big patient to doctor ratio considering the sizes of hospitals.

Low Living Cost

In addition to the lower tuition fees, low living cost is the likable reason for the students and even for parents to study MBBS in Russia. Low cost of food, transportation and accommodation leads to low living cost as a whole. The cost of living in Russia ranges between 5000 Rs. And 6000 Rs. per month, which is very nominal compared to other countries.

No Entrance Examination For MBBS IN RUSSIA

IELTS/TOEFL or other certificates alike are not required. In India, entrance examination to study MBBS is crucial, as it decides who will get an admission in which university. But, when it comes to Russia, there is no any entrance examination required to study MBBS in Russia that apparently saves a number of months and sometime years that students spend on the preparation along with get an opportunity to get enrolled in the University of Choice.

English Medium oF Instrucion

The most delightful reason for the students coming in Russia to study MBBS is Russia has developed several numbers of universities that serves entire MBBS course in English medium, that apparently relive students from the barrier of learning the local language prior to start MBBS course.

Russian Language

It is very sure that you would be going to learn the MBBS course in English language, the English universities in Russia include Russian language in the curriculum so as students can comfortably have conversation with local patients in Russia.

Mci Focused Education

The professors of the Russian universities have profound knowhow about MCI regulation and the syllabus and pattern of MCI exams. Thus, by considering all the needful for MCI screening test, the professors of the respected Russian university coach students for the MCI screening test that is compulsory to practice in India, as well as students are also coached for the USMLE examination to study or practice in the USA.

Globally Recognized MBBS course

The medical degree awarded by Russian universities is recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB (the UK), USMLE (the USA), MCI, PMDC, other International Organizations and throughout the EU. Additionally, offer a bilateral student exchange program with the globally recognized universities of the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, South Korea, etc.

Prominent Medical Universities In Russia

Russia holds 50+ medical colleges with the 17000+ doctors imparting medical education that signifies the emphasis on the quality of education. Moreover, there are several medical universities of Russia that are listed in the World Directory published by the World Health Organization due to the quality standard of the medical education. With curricula in sync with ever changing medical breakthroughs, Russian medical degree holders are revered across the world.

Excellent Research Environment

Research is an indispensable practical segment of the MBBS, and Russia is the country that emphasis on the practical knowledge equally. Thus to impart the standard practical education to students coming to study MBBS in Russia, institutions are equipped with the most advanced teaching aids, facilities and laboratories that are the best in the world to ensure an excellent research environment.

Indian Students In Russia

MBBS in Russia is very popular in India that is apparent from the rush of Indian students ever since 1999 to study MBBS in Russia. Till the date 6000+ students have completed their MBBS in Russia and successfully practicing as doctor in different countries. In these years too, students come Russia to study MBBS, which is manifest from the 3000 student, enrolled in the 50 MCI approved universities.

Opportunity To Experience Great Social Life

Russia is a large country with an endless list of festivals and also renowned in the world for the vibrant culture and dazzling nightlife. It means experiencing the festivals, enjoying with locals alongside study MBBS in Russia is the never forgotten experience. Further, you can enjoy the food of Russia during the festive season and satisfy the craving of the tongue.

Well Furnished Hostels

The Russian medical universities offer hostel facilities at very competitive rates; all are well maintained, hygienic and very near to the respective university. Moreover, the university has developed different type of rooms so as one can fit with the budget, like some of the rooms include TV, AC, Fridge, Microwave, wardrobes, study tables, whereas hot water, room heater and bed are available in all types of rooms to give the utmost level of comfort at the best affordable rates.

Eligibility To Study MBBS IN RUSSIA

All the students who have passed out 12th science with BCP that Biology, Chemistry and Physics are eligible to study MBBS in Russia only if fulfill with the below mentioned aspects:

  • For open category student – 50% aggregate of physics, chemistry and biology is required
  • For SC/ST student – 45% aggregate of physics, chemistry and biology
  • Must have passed out in English
  • Student should have 17 years completed before 31st Dec
  • Speak English, French, or Romanian or Bulgarian or follow one year preparatory course
  • To be in fine health mentally, physically and without daisies incompatible with medical career
  • To have adequate source of financing medical studies by student loans, parents or generous sponsors or other sources.
  • If your details are complying with the above mentioned criteria, then you are absolutely eligible to study MBBS in Europe.